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The most outrageous of all homes!

Here is a compilation of the most amazing, the most bizarre and most weird and then again the most interesting homes around the world. Some of the homes here will have you cracking while others may make you wonder what kinds of people are sharing this earth with you!

Whatever your emotion, we are so sure that you are going to enjoy this list thoroughly and some of the entries here may put a nice wide smile on your beautiful face! If you want to receive more of such interesting tidbits from the real estate around the world, subscribe to our newsletter, the link for which is provided at the bottom of this article and get more info at kitchen remodel northern va . Happy reading!

Your home is your canvas:

Yes, that’s true really. The place that you call your own is a reflection of everything that you believe in. it is a vent to your creativity. No wonder then the homes is a personal expression of a person’s ambitions and aspirations.

  1. Glass house:

Okay, we understand that you are not a private person after all and your life is an open book. But, transparent houses? Even though we think that the idea is too farfetched, architects at Suo Fujimoto in Japan are a happy lot because their transparent homes in Japan are indeed selling like hot cakes.

  1. So, you take your skateboarding seriously, hmm!

If you are a skating enthusiast and you felt like skateboarding even inside your house, your prayers have been answered. Known as the PAS house, the building’s design and the plan is so integrated that it allows for skateboarding inside and outside the house, practically every built surface in the house we mean!

  1. The slimmest home possible!

It seems like the slim fad has caught up with homes too. A miniature artist and experimentative designer called Jakub Szczesny built a habitable niche in the gap between two American buildings giving birth to a new genre of slim homes! The home called the Keret House in America is only 152 centimeters in width at its maximum!

  1. Water tower for a home anyone?

Bham Design Studio in Belgium has transformed a water tower into a beautiful living space. This 100 feet high tower is famed to have served as a Nazi hideout during World War II. If you are someone who has always aspired to live in high rises, this may well be for you. The interiors are worth dying for. It’s a beauty in brick. Now only if we could erase its harsh past. Sigh.

  1. Back to the caves?

Inspired by the 1960s cartoon series Flintstones, a house owner converted his Malibu residence into a single storey cave kind of habitation. The owner is from the film industry and so we can quite understand his fascination, Of course, it is the modern take on the Flintstone’s residence. The house boasts of the state of the art technological appliances and is built to include all kinds of modern life style comforts.

  1. The world’s smallest for you:

If you believed all your life that you are the minimalist that you believe you are, this one square meter house is for you! It is a portable home which is entirely made with wood. It is a DIY and it can be seen moving around in Germany. The owner has to use it upright in waking hours and slide it down its side to turn into a bed. Cool we think!

  1. Sliding down:

Were you ever fascinated with the slide? As children who is not? But imagine staying in a home where there is a slider to climb down to the lower levels of the house? The slide house in Japan will be an envy of the children in the neighborhood that we can bet. The slides are built all around the periphery of the built-up area but there is also regular staircase on the other side of the house to facilitate climbing.

  1. It’s a rock. No, it’s a home!

How would you like if your home was a tourist attraction? This home in Portugal is! It looks like a massive rock to the outsiders but in reality it is a habitable place and it even has wonderful interiors. Best of both the worlds, we’d say!

  1. Let peace prevail!

In the Netherlands, a creative architect firm has been instrumental in converting two abandoned churches into such stylish apartments that it will leave a lasting impression on your psyche. The interiors are really well done and the serenity and the peacefulness is evident.

  1. Sea shell home:

A family of four including two young kids and evidently all deep sea diving enthusiasts live in a huge sea shell residence in the Mexico City. The house is customized and boasts of ultra luxurious living space. It also has a pool with a deep sea theme in its basement. Some diving enthusiast that!

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